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  • From a simple excel dashboard to a fully integrated enterprise reporting suite, the Business Dashboard is being quickly adopted as the new face of Business Intelligence.
  • It has a rapidly growing role in BI reporting and analysis.
  • An enterprise dashboard allows at-a-glance visualization of company health and monitoring of key performance indicators. Simple to understand and high in ROI, these executive dashboards are becoming "must-haves" for all enterprises. Easy-to-use by business users and fun-to-implement by the IT department, BI dashboard projects are quickly funded and politically popular.

There are many off the shelf Dashboard products available in the market. Cybernet has a vision to develop a Dashboard framework with the features that the off the shelf products are lagging behind. The key features that Cybernet’s Dashboard will support are:
  • Completely customizable dashboards.
  • Royalty-free runtime of the products requiring no additional fees.
  • Royalty free/minimal for distribution of 3rd party tool/solution
  • Tabbed environment
  • Small foot print on the client side
  • Ability to set up user profiles (layout, config, saving config information)
  • Security (Forms and Windows based authentication)
  • HTML, Image based solution (Brower based)
  • Single component refreshing (AJAX)
  • Full source code availability provides total control over the application.
  • Support Internet Information Service
  • Widget library concept (Allow the users to pick widgets from a list of widgets)
  • Drag and drop the widgets from the widgets library
  • Share user dashboards and individual widgets with other users and user groups.
  • Allow users to create their own dashboards.
  • Configure individual widgets.
  • Flexible Platform.
Cybernet’s Dashboard Framework that will provide actionable information based on past and current data to help users predict future performance. This information will help users effectively make decisions in real-time to correct potential problem areas such as production, shipments, inventory levels and real-time processes.
The advantage of a Dashboard is that it is easy to use, provides timely data and, most importantly, gives users an idea as to how to go about implementing improvements and solutions. The Dashboard provides key users, managers and corporate executives the capability to monitor information from various areas visually through graphs, charts, gauges, tables and KPI’s to help assure that business goals and targets are being met. Information is simply presented, easy to examine, and, in some cases, indicates where action needs to be taken.
  • Our Beta site is available at: Beta
    Information that is available in the Dashboard will be provided through various web-parts, which are small, mini views of data that can be added, arranged, configured and saved by each user to allow for quick, consistent analysis of data. The information contained in each of these web-parts can be derived from various areas or systems such as shop floor production and real-time data collection. This information can also be combined with business data to help focus on specific or problematic areas of interest to help users pinpoint the root cause of problems.
    • Cybernet’s Dashboard framework is being customized for helping ACNE treatment centers all over the U.S to automate their business process.
    • There are over 5000 Skin care/Acne Treatment centers all over the U.S and surprisingly there have not been many software solutions available for this industry.
    • We have analyzed the business process of ACNE treatment center of Vancouver and documented their business process.
    • These clinics are small businesses who cannot afford to purchase expensive CRM tools to run their business.
    • Affordable software tools available in the market are not customizable to fit their needs. Software product with following features would allow ACNE treatment centers to work efficiently:
      1. Client Data Intake
      2. Search and Retrieve Client Information
      3. Maintain Consultation Notes
      4. Maintain Treatment Notes
      5. Capture Products Sold Information
      6. How to use our Products
      7. Maintain Client Image Gallery (Upload, Download, view, zoom and compare)
      8. Appointment Scheduling Calendar integrated with Client Information Database
      9. Document Center
      10. Security (User/Role/Privilege Maintenance)
      11. MIS Reports
    Clinical Dashboard is currently under development and scheduled to be launched 3rd Quarter of 2015.
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