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Service Oriented Architecture
Organizations in today's market place face two major challenges: how to enable adaptive enterprise operations and how to keep up the pace with evolving business demands.

Cybernet Solutions's SOA services provides the solution using result-oriented deliverables and proven methods to construct, execute, revise and maintain a business and technology roadmap that enables adaptive, flexible and agile enterprise operations. It helps our clients to align business processes, manage information lifecycles, rationalize applications, and restructure infrastructures to create real business value.

Cybernet Solutions's business practices and time tested architecture expertise provides a roadmap that ensures a realistic transition from your current mode of operation to more flexible, more agile, future operations.

Good decision making requires a sound structure. Therefore Cybernet Solutions offers a strong approach to SOA Governance that is vital to convert planning into action and deliver outstanding results in a continuing manner

Cybernet Solutions helps your organization in aligning your business processes with IT services and systems to increase a company's competitive edge. Today, SOA has had a significant impact in helping companies do just that, by enabling agile, flexible IT systems built on software functions developed as reusable and configurable services.

We bring experience in every stage of SOA development, including:
  • Strategy and lifecycle modeling
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Governance and management
We can help you address all of the challenges that are a part of an SOA implementation:
  • End to end enterprise SOA Conversion
  • Business process services
  • Packaged applications / application integration
  • System integration
  • Legacy migration and infrastructure
  • Platform-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO)
Cybernet Solutions’s Architecture Team comprises Solution and Technical architects who are focused on architecture guidance and research on upcoming technologies and trends to meet an organization’s business needs. This team is committed to providing thought leadership in order to help users, business managers, IT managers, developers, etc to understand how today’s business challenges are being addressed by the upcoming wave of technologies and practice, how technology aligns with current business needs and how to transform the corporate strategy into an effective IT strategy. The architecture services offered play a pivotal role in shaping a solution that addresses the business, engineering, and IT goals of an enterprise.

Cybernet Solutions’s business integration software consulting practice specializes in Architecture services. Rapidly changing business environments favor highly adaptable organizations. Companies that can quickly adapt their business processes to respond to new market opportunities or competitive threats do so not by accident, but by taking advantage of business strategies supported by flexible business applications and IT infrastructures. Cybernet Solutions’s team of Architects and Consultants can assist companies looking to expedite their SOA migration by successfully leveraging SOA technology solutions.
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