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Software Testing and QA
Quality Assurance and testing require up to 40% of software development effort, time and resources. While it’s appealing to rush testing and QA, these last steps in the development process are critical to delivering a sound product. Cybernet Solutions’s flexible approach helps you speed up these processes by leveraging our resourceful business model. We can help you deliver comprehensive, high quality testing and QA that drives the highest possible product quality.

Testing and QA allows the client to review a system and confirm that all the agreed user, functional, technical and operational criteria have been met before final delivery to production. Such services can apply to one or several business processes, or to one application or a portfolio of applications developed or maintained by one or several organizations.

We help you define and clarify the relationship between client and service provider and decrease operational costs through process development and state of the art practices. Cybernet Solutions can deliver by balancing, optimizing and providing resources for the IT process, from development to operation, leading to strong productivity gains. Our QA team has the necessary expertise, experience, sophisticated leading edge tools, and proven processes to deliver results quickly and cost-effectively. Cybernet Solutions’s flexible approach can help you at any stage in the testing and QA process, including:
  • New product or application release QA and testing
  • Focused/Specialized testing
  • Test/QA process study to support internal teams
  • Legacy application compatibility assurance
  • Software security assurance
With expertise that focuses on testing and QA throughout the software lifecycle, Cybernet Solutions can help you with:
  • Manual testing services
  • Functional testing services
  • Alpha and Beta testing
  • White box testing
  • Automated testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Black box testing
Our testing services are tailored to meet client specific objectives and deliver increased productivity through automation. Cybernet Solutions’s Value Proposition:
  1. Reliability – Cybernet Solutions’s dedicated testing team brings in extensive experience in enterprise applications testing skills, proven methodologies and strong project management skills that you can rely on. We have successful track record of delivering measurable business benefits to our customers.
  2. Flexibility and Adaptability – We are sensitive to customer specific needs and business risks. With our experience we can help you identify potential threats and design a testing approach that best fits your needs while ensuring comprehensive test coverage. Our testing team quickly understands and adapts to your process and works as an extension to your team.
  3. Guaranteed Results -
    1. Increased productivity
    2. Cost savings of up to 30%
    3. 24X7 testing using global delivery model
    4. Flexible resource management
Cybernet Solutions’s enterprise application lifecycle testing services help clients optimize their testing investments, manage critical business processes, measure IT efficiency and reduce total cost of producing quality.

Our testing services covers full suite application testing including functional and non-functional testing beginning with initial implementation, hot patches, service packs, upgrades, releases, roll-outs and consolidation including functional, regression and system testing.
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